But i am not

"cause i know he is the one and he is the best

That was a rainy night with strong wind. The atmosphere was cold. Everything outside the house was covered by dews. But not inside, i felt warm cause the retina of my eyes catch his shadow. I couldn't bear that i love it when he held me under the blanket. I thought it was too good to be true but he did it. Then we laid face to face, he put his arms around my waist. We were so close so that i could see his face curvatures. Whatta beautiful eyes, stunning nose, perfect lips and fragrant hair. I couldn't bear that i love his everything. I got his lips stuck on my cheek and so did i. After that, he held me tighter and he was smiling before he closed his eyes and felt asleep so then i put my arms on his shoulder. From that night on, i knew that my quest is over cause i found him. All i know outside the house on that night wasn't about raindrops anymore it was a dark horizon with beautiful stars and a moon with the brightest shine. My heart said it was him. He is the it guy that will spend the rest of my time with me. Forever.

but im not the one and im not the best

The next days, he was still that kind guy. He was still so good and so kind to me but thats all. He acted like there was nothing special on us. Did he forget that night? That night when i felt so right. I thought he would make some conversations every single time with me eventhough through some messages or phones, but he didn't. I thought we will be much closer than before, but we weren't. So what is the meaning of that night when his arms hold me tight? I thought he considered me as his special one, but i was wrong.
He is the one for me, but i never be the one for him."

- unknown


a poem in 'Love' film

Apa yang kita ingat dari kenangan -kenangan yg terekam oleh kita
Nama tempat, nama permainan, nama teman, atau kejadian?
Adalah hal hal yg mungkin lambat laun mungkin bisa terlupa
Tapi tidak dengan rasa
Rasa senang, Rasa sedih yang akan terus kita bawa
tanpa mudah tercecer di sepanjang perjalanan kita
Dan semakin kita dewasa,
kita akan menyadari
bahwa diantara kenangan kenangan tersebut
ada satu rasa yg paling besar
yaitu cinta
Karena ketika satu persatu cerita berhenti dan menjadi kenangan
Cinta terus bergerak seiring harapan yg menyertai dia
Cinta yg tak terlihat oleh mata,
tak teraba oleh tangan,
tapi dia ada..
Bahkan sejak kita belum bisa mengucapkannya

Cinta yg sejati
cinta yg dikira sudah pergi
ternyata cuma bersembunyi menunggu untuk kembali lagi