About me

Nice to see you here, reading my stories guys.
I made this page officially to introduce myself.

Well, here we go.

Hi, there! My full name is Jasmine Amalya Zahra. But my close friends usually call me Mine. Yeah, Mine with the transcription /mine/ not /mayn/ ;p

God sent me into this wonderful world since the 23rd of April, 1997. Now, I am studying in my beloved SMAN 1 Bogor as the first grader, bro. My Junior High School was SMPN 1 Bogor. And such a great pleasure I studied in Sukadamai 3 Bogor. I learnt alphabets and numbers for the first time in TK Asri Bogor.

I join Majelas Perwakilan Kelas in my senior school, Tari&Karawitan club for Saman dance and Degung, and also Badminton club which it called Embasis. Feel happy can join them broooooo!

What I'm doing now is my hobby. Yeah, surfing the internet is one of my hobbies. My other hobbies are reading those kind of novels, novels about teenager life. Love and friendship. This one is my most favorite hobby. LISTENING TO THE MUSIC. Yeah, I cant live without music cause music always make up my mind and my mood. Hyperbola? No its not. It really is hahaha ;)

I wish I can be a doctor, somewhen. But I think it sounds so impossible, uh? Ha! Not men, there's nothing impossible if there are those efforts. Yeah, doctor, my dream and insyaAllah I will fight for it. Bismillah :)

This is the last one, and this maybe called 'MY METAMORPHOSIS' hahaha

Baby Girl

2 years old

In kindergarten haha!

In the 5th grade of Elementary School

Imma 6th grader!

First year in the junior year HAHAHA!
alay detected!!!

13 years old, bro! SYUDUDUDUDU~ 

Megusta in 9th grade!

This is me, naaaaao! Ciao

Laugh out loud, uh? Or maybe not?
So, this is me. Enjoy my life stories, buddies <3