his name is idiot but he is not idiot.

okey, now, i wanna ask you something. do you love indonesia? of course you do. so, especially for this posting, ill write it in Indonesian :p

mau cerita tentang sahabat gua yang kocak ngocol sedunia ini namanya Akbareza Muhammad mau ngintip ga rupanya gimana? engga ooh ya udah ga usah, eh mau? eeehhh konsisten atuuh *apadeh. nih orangnya 

jadi kayaknya dia baru bikin blog, terus gua visit blog nya, dan blog nya ngocol banget!!!! tapi gua gak bisa baca tulisannya soalnya font nya aneh, terus gua masukkin comment aja via twitter, usernamenya @akbarezaa gua bilang font nya ganti dan dia sangat berterima kasih atau gimana gitu ya ke gua sampe gua terharu gitu ya ada posting spesial buat gua di blog nya :') hahaha geleh. oke pokoknya buat akbareza, semangat terus meneruskan karir blog-mu, semoga berjaya dan tetap dalam posting yang ngocol itu ya! 

mau liat blog nya? klik aja 

NB : sebenernya gua bikin ini buat balas budi :') haha candaaa gua ikhlas kok bikin posting ini wkwk thanks ya bar udah ada gua di blog lu haha dan buat masukkannya, samasamaaaaa wokey. keep amazing baar! ohya, sayangnyaaah dia udah taken sama orang cantik yang satu ini 

jadi semangat ya buat kalian!!!! \:D/

meet them again \:D/

this happened when i know that the part of HuaYians were going to smansa. directly, i wrote on Myrul's wall, 'are u goin to Indonesia, next week?' then Fatin comment 'yes, we are going :)' oh my god i was very glad to know it! but, just Myrul Fatin Dahlia Dnie and Jasmine that were goin to smansa, the others like Cynthia Afikha Aisyah Hanna Hakanah Danial Amy Nadirah and etc were not going :(

the day they came! i heard that they would come at about 3 o'clock but it was wrong, they stucked on the traffic jam on about Cibubur. because i had primagama lesson, i went to the course place and didnt meet them :( 

day 2! Sekar Safira Dea Pancar and I decided to go to smansa. with Ms. Selly, we went to smansa.... and..... WE MET THEM!!! omg i was so glad to see them and i know that they still remember us!!!! its been so long that i cant see them :( the last time i see them, on July 11st 2010, it was my last day in Hua Yi Singapore. we took a little bit photos, and im a little disspointed because the photos resolution :((( 

Dnie - Sekar - Pancar - Me - Myrul - Dahlia - Fatin - Dea - Safira

after we took photos, my friends and I decided to took a part of HuaYians into Spensa, and they went spensa! we accompanied them pass the canteen, 1st floor coridor and 3rd floor coridor till we saw Tiffany Farah and Joshua. and we took photo again.

Tiffany - Safira - Sekar - Me - Jasmine - Fatin - Dnie - Dahlia - Farah - Dea - Pancar - Joshua
Myrul wasnt here cause he was taken the picture

after we took photo, their partners came to spensa and asked them to leave spensa cause they were going to pabrik teh. ohmygod i was so sad. i thought i cant meet them again but i wish this is not the last time i saw them, i wish i can meet all of HuaYians again.

Goodbye fatin myrul dnie jasmine dahlia :(
 take care there! i miss all of HuaYians already :((((( 

thats all, and now, im going to ILP, to learn more about English. So, if i meet them again, my English is better than now. bye! :') 

With Love,



tim's annoying project

i wanna tell you about my new native teacher in the school. his name is Tim and i dunno whats his full name. he came from Canada *if im not mistaken. 

he has been in spensa about 8 months. before tim, my native teacher was Sue. she is very kinddddddd, i was so happy if it was Sue's time. we didnt study but we play games!! many games and always games. i heart Sue but she wasnt in spensa anymore :( and now is Tim's time. he rarely give us games. 

and i wanna tell you about tim's project! we must make a tv show, 2 news and 2 commercials in about 7 weeks! oh my God, does he think that its easy to make them? my team is nendia eca nida fidel bifi tika almi riscka nabila fernanda. we take the tema : Big Weep, its the same with termehek-mehek. and we take pocari sweat and political partij for commercial, and on the spot, weather news, show biz for the news. im so tired to do this project. tim said that we must enjoyed the project but for my team and i, we are not enjoy it! its very annoying. its not that easy tiiim -__-

thats all
please consider it, Tim 

That Should Be Me *little edited

Everybody’s laughing in my mind
Rumors spreading about this other guy
Do you do what you did what you did with me
Does she love you the way I can
Did you forget all the plans that you made with me
Cause baby I didn’t
That should be me holding your hand
That should be me making you laugh
That should be me this is so sad
That should be me
That should be me
That should be me feeling your kiss
That should be me buying you gifts
This is so wrong
I can’t go on
‘Till you believe
That that should be me
That should be me
You said you needed a little time from my mistakes
It’s funny how you used that time to have me replaced
Did you think that I wouldn’t see you out at the movies
What you doin’ to me
You’re taking him where we used to go
Now if you’re trying to break my heart
It’s working cause you know
That that should be me holding your hand
That should be me making you laugh
That should be me this is so sad
That should be me
That should be me
That should be me feeling your kiss
That should be me buying you gifts
This is so wrong I can’t go on
‘Till you believe
That should be me
I need to know should I fight for love
Or disarm
It’s getting harder to shield
This pain is my heart
Ooh Ooh
That should be me holding your hand
That should be me making you laugh
That should be me this is so sad
That should be me
That should be me
That should be me feeling your kiss
That should be me buying you gifts
This is so wrong
I can’t go on
‘Till you believe
That that should be me
Holding your hand
That should be me
The one making you laugh (oh baby oh)
That should be me
That should be me
Giving you flowers
That should be me
Talking for hours
That should be me (that should be me)
That should be me
That should be me
Never should’ve let you go
I never should’ve let you go
That should be me
I never shoulda let you go
That should be me

i love this song so much cause this is very me (?)

Apr23rd this year ({})

this must be a late post but..... i think it doesnt matter if I share it to you now yaa? hihi. 

welcome Apr23rd 2011!!!!! ive been 14 years in this world.
and now, thank God, im 14th!
wish me all the best then \m/ keep amazing, keep cool and keep curly mymine :*

APR 23RD 2011 was on Saturday. and it was school-holiday. qisty was my bestie who gave me birthday greeting on 00.00 via message. and uci was my friend who gave the birthday greeting first on twitter. thanks guys ilysm ({}). 

my friends asked me to traktiran *i dunno whats the english*. and my mom said 'its oke!'. then, i did some plans with my friends. i invited some friends and they are qisty nendi uci didiet dayn nadyn defira. safira bunga isma  couldnt come cause some problems. 

i traktired them watch in Box Office and nendia booked a room for us. we watched let me in but i didnt really now the story cause i was too busy with uci's phone :p the movie finished at about 2 o'clock and..... my friends gave me a little surprised after we watched the movie in front of BO! thanks a lot for the cake, love you all :* 

after we watched Let Me In at BO, we went a head to botani and we decided to PHOTO STUDIO! and guess what...... we did it! 

we heart Indonesian style!

failed love -_-

take a look at darin

take a look at didiet! haha

pak safrul lovers

good position

handsome and beautiful at all

peaces for the world

imma ugly duck

just J for Jasmine!

and he gave the birthday greeting on Apr25th
he was the last person that give me birhday greeting, omg :O 
but i am sooo happy cause he still remembers my birthday :)

hahaha watta great day today!
thanks for today God. 
i hope i can be a better person, amin!

with love, 



Double Dutch!

hey blog walking ive got Double Awards! first from my NadyaIndahDhaynti and second from my senior teh RaniAulia. Thanks a lot guys! love yaaaaaa ({})


The First came from my bestie Nadya Indah ! thanks buddy!

and the rules are

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Thanks a lot buddy! and please visit her blog and follow her twitter --> @nadynilicius


The Second came from...... teh Rani Aulia! thanks a lot teeh ({})

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let's go yowman~

  • thanks bunches my teh ranitera! smile and hug :) ({}) 
  • she is my senior, but she is very kind and amazing \m/ i love her blog, its simple but cool. i love the design!
  • imma little girl with many-stuck-dreams. love that should be me song by justin bieber cause its very me (?) thanks for colouring my day friends!
  • i'd like to give this award to teh rani of course, nadya, darin, qisty, teh regia, riri, and uci ;)
  • later ya~ im too lazy :p 
2) laksanakan!


 N ▲ W D I R 

 im in love! 

thanks for made my day, make me fly, make me confused, make me smile, make me laugh, make me sad, make me wait :) THANKS FOR ALL hihi

#np that should be me - justin bieber
#np ku menunggu -rossa :DDD

taman safari with them \m/

in this post, i wanna tell you my unforgettable moment with my lovely bestfriends :) but.... lets use our lovely indonesian language cause im too lazy to think -__-__- haha and i wanna use 'aku' not 'gua' in this post cause now, i feel like a cute little girl *weks haha

jadi, gini ceritanya, kelas 7 sama 8 SMPN 1 Bogor, libur dari tanggal 25-28 april soalnya kelas 9 nya Ujian Nasional. mau ngucapin selamat dulu deh buat teteh-aa kelas 9 yang udh selesai UN-nya semoga nilainya memuaskan dan bisa masuk SMA yang diinginkan dan semoga 3 tahun di SMP ini gak sia-sia, amin. back to topic, nah terus kita (aku, defira, isma, darin, nadyn, qisty, didiet, akbar, aljoe) berencana liburan bareng tuh yah. nah, dapatlah ide ke taman safari, tadinya papahnya defira mau sekalian cari penginapan gitu, tapi berhubung pada gabisa jadi maen aja kesana mah. 

nah, fix kita ambil tanggal 27 April, hari rabu buat ke taman safari soalnya pada ga ada acara hari itu, tapi sayangnya safira sama bunga gak ikut soalnya ga dibolehin :( padahal kalo ada mereka pasti lebih seru. 

Hari H datang!!! aku sama qisty petugas jarkom acara nih, rencana kita ngumpul jam 7 di depan damri deket botani. aku dateng jam 7 lewatan hihi pas aku dateng yg udh ada di tempat itu isma qisty akbar didiet aljoe, sorry for made you wait besties :) daaan you know what? si nadyn darin ngaret banget dong! mereka baru dateng jam 7.30, rada ngebetein jg sih jujur tapi takapeeu yg penting liburan haha. 

Abis semua kumpul, kita pergi ke rumah defira dulu ngejemput defira soalnya dia telat bangun dan kita juga transportasinya pake mobil defira. abis jemput defira, kita cawwww! seru banget deh diperjalanan! 

From left to right
Up : Qisty, Didiet, Nadyn, Darin
Down : Isma, Defira, Mine

abis kira kira 45 menit perjalanan, kita masuk ke taman safarinya, seorang bayar 75rb. aku cuman bawa uang pas pasan, 200rb haha. terus kita ke daerah herbivora dulu, banyak binatang yang ucul ucul deh di herbivora, oh ya td pas di jalanan kan kita beli wortel, jadinya kita kasih wortel ke binatang herbivora nya haha. abis herbi, karnivora, gatau kenapa kita kita pada deg degan masuk yg ke bagian karnivora haha pagernya banyak banget, harus tutup jendela rapet rapet haha. tapi diliat liat binatang karnivora lucu lucu ya, ada yang mirip aslan, ada yang beruang dll deh. terus kita ga sengaja moto gambar ini :

gede bener -__-__-
hahaha abis kita keluar dari liat liat hewan, kita main ke wahana permainannya, tapi tapi...... banyak yg lagi renovasi, dan tujuan utama kita, RUMAH HANTU, lagi di renov juga -__- aaaaarrrrggh kesel jd gabisa kesana deh. pertama kita main roller coaster. ga enak banget duduknya sendiri sendiri, dan menurut aku ini lebih extreme dari yang di dufan haha. sempet jatoh ke bawah ijekkannya. dan aku neriakkin nama org yang disuka wae setiap perut getek haha. kedua, naik kora kora yaaa kora kora nya standar laaa ga seseru yg di dufan haha. terus kita naik bumper boat gitu ya kalo ga salah. aku naik yang nomor 10, dan you know what? bumper boat nya berenti dong di ujung danau, mesinnya ga nyala lagi. alhasil ada kisah penyelamat dari petugas bumper boat ke aku -__- haha lets check the pictures :

Penyelamatan @minedodolo di ujung danau haha

abis kesini kita muter muter pokoknya kita nyobain sepuluh permainan sampe akhirnya ketemu sama permainan space shuttle, aku penasaran soalnya namanya sama kaya tema spensa day tahun ini haha. ternyata kayak kora kora tapi searah dan..... INI LEBIH EXTREME DARIPADA KORA KORA DUFAN!!! beneran deh si qisty aja sampe asmanya kambuh minta turun wkwk pokoknya di ayun ayunin sampe yang paling pooool, serem banget! ngocok peut banget! nih foto nya diambil sama qisty soalnya dia gamau ikut main

oke ini tuh serem banget kawan kawan. turun turun, kita pada disko, pd pusing hahaha. terus kita liat org yang naik setelah kita, ternyata space shuttle nya emg tinggi banget, aku juga sampe heran kenapa berani naik ini .__. haha abis dari space shuttle, kita ke arung jeram haha maklum waktu ke dufan arung jeram nya ditutup, jd terobati disini. satu perahu kan 3 org, pokoknya pasang pasangnnya tukeran. kita naik arung jeram berapa kali coba? 4 KALI MEN saking serunya haha. pertamanya sih emg serem banget, pertama gua sama qisty defira, padahal kita semua penakut haha. pas mau meluncur aku teriak nama org yg disukai haha tiba tiba jadi plong, langsung kena air gitu. kedua sama siapa ya kalo gasalah akbar darin gitu ya ketiga sama darin nadyn keempat sama akbar isma. pokoknya kita ketagihan aja padahal gerimis pas kita naik arung jeram dan posisi paling belakang adalah posisi yang paling menakutkan! paling tengah paling aman haha. ini ada fotonya kita, giordano kids, pas lagi kebasahan, abis naik arung jeram haha, check these out!

abis basah basahan. giordano kids \m/

giodano kiddsss haha

sebelum basah ini foto dulu ceunah haha

pasukan abu abu haha
abis kita babasahan, kita ganti baju, abis itu solat dan menunggu hujan berenti. abis hujan berenti, kita ke cowboy show. gilaaaa rame bangeeeet  ada bom benerannya cyiiiin sampe kerasa panas ke gua juga pas bomnya meledak. awesome deh great job yang bikin!

abis dari cowboy show, kita ke baby zoo dulu, gajelas sih disitu kita ngapain, ya cuman keliling keliling liat beybi beybi binatang yang imut ucul menawan kayak aku gitu disana haha terus tiba tiba ujan dan gak pada bawa payung alhasil basah lagi tapi gpp 1000x haha nih foto pas lagi di baby zoo 

karena waktu sudah menunjukkan pukul 15.00, kita mau balik ke Bogor, kita makan dulu di saung kuring ya kalo gasalah sambil chatting gitu sampe jam 5 sorean. abis itu kita caw dulu ke ruamh defira, terus pas perjalanan ke rumah defira, ada yang masang iklan 'ssstt.... ada jualan batik' terus pada ngakak. ada yang jualan batik kenapa hrs pake 'ssttt' hahaha terus si didiet sama dayn yeuh panggelona pada make logat arab haha seru deuh pokoknya mah. nyampe rumah defira jam 18.00 an, pada solat dulu disana, terus pulang dianterin mang iyan (Defira's driver) sampe spensa. terus aku dayn nadyn naik 07 dari spensa. dayn nadyn dijemput di rumah aku, jd ke rumah ada temen deeeeh hihi. nyampe rumah jam 8-an. cape banget!!!!

dan......... pastinya itu adalah unforgettable moment

thanks for defira qisty dayn nadyn isma akbar aljoe didiet and also mang iyan!

with love, 



now, its about a twitter account. the username is @DamnItsTrue

why do i promote this account to you my readers? cause i love the tweets! ItsVeryDamnTrue! if you have a twitter account, lets search @DamnItsTrue and click the follow button! 

part of the tweets :

You hate it when you start a chat to someone on Facebook, then they suddenly appear "offline". #DamnItsTrue

Sometimes you need to :) to hide :( and :D to hide :'(. #DamnItsTrue

A: "What does idk mean?" B: "I don't know." A: "Whoaa, no one knows!" #DamnItsTrue

Do you know where's the good part in goodbye? It must be: Goodbye, class! #DamnItsTrue

When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running in her mind. #DamnItsTrue

I'm a lover, not a fighter, but I'll fight for what I love. #DamnItsTrue

I never stop loving someone. I just learn to live without them. #DamnItsTrue

Love is not blind. People who fall in it are. #DamnItsTrue

When you have a crush on someone, you notice every little thing they do. #DamnItsTrue

photography in prmgm

this happened when there wasnt physics teacher in primagama cause he was sick. so, another teacher came to our class and he bought dslr camera. then, my friend ask him, 'are you a photographer, teacher?'. he said 'im just the amateur, its just my hobby' 'would you teach us how to take a nice pict?' 'yes, i would but first, you must learn from these pictures.

nabila bought her laptop and our teacher bought flashdisk. in the flashdisk there were so many photos that he took. cool yeah! he could edit them too into more amazing pictures! actually, he is the free-lounche-pre-wedding-photography but all of the photos was amazing. after we saw the photos, we learnt how to take a nice pict with him. we took ourselves photos hahaha. 

do you wanna see the picts? haha oke lets check these out, but they've edited by me :p

actually there are many photos hihihi
thanks for reading
sorry if the photos arent good :) 

long time no see

hai readers! how do you do! long time no post yaa. 

pake b.indo aja ya? lg males mikir :p
kenapa gua jarang posting? soalnya banyak tugas, banyak urusan, waktu itu koneksi sering rada rada aneh dan yang paling sering itu rasa males. kenapa coba di dunia ini harus ada males? kenapa males itu namanya harus males? kenapa males itu gak keren? kenapa idung namanya idung? kenapa idung namanya gak pohon? nah loh -__-__- haha gak ngerti ya? kembali ke topik. sebenernya banyak banget pengalaman yang tak terlupakan yang mau mine bagi sama kalian. Hari ini kan lagi semangat blogging, jd semoga hari ini rasa males itu gak dateng! amiiiiin haha.

see you on next post!